Rental Returns

All Your Rental Returns Covered With ITP The Income Tax Professionals Ltd in Auckland

At the end of each year, taxpayers are required to confirm the amount of personal income tax they need to pay. This can be accomplished with the filing of an IR3 with the help of The Income Tax Professionals Ltd.
Frequently Asked Questions About Rental Returns

What is an IR3 Tax Return? 

An IR3 is an Individual Tax Return that some tax payers are legally required to file. If you are currently self-employed, a shareholder or have rental income then you are one of them. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is very clear with the rules: if you earn an income other than salary, wages, interest, dividends and/or taxable Māori authority distribution, then you must file an IR3 return. These incomes may be from a rental property or a business you own. 

How Can We Be of Service to You? 

For people with no time or without the confidence to do their taxes, let ITP The Income Tax Professionals Ltd prepare and file your IR3 for you. Based on your financial reports along with any external income received, we can carefully and accurately prepare your personal, company or partnership income tax returns.
If you require it, we can serve as your liaison with the IRD. With this service, we stand between you and the IRD on different areas of concern; ensure you are compliant with the IRD standards; remind you of what to pay at a given time; and finally, communicate with the department on your behalf. 
Give Us a Call if You Have any Questions About The IR3 on 09 836 2068
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